Are limo companies taking advantage of college students?


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The other weekend me and a couple of buddies went downtown Minneapolis to do some bar hopping for a friend’s birthday. Instead of dealing with taxis or ordering an Uber, we decided to get a limo so that we could ride around in style. We all pooled our money together and called up a few places and found the best priced limo for our night. We had ordered the limo to pick us up at 8:00 P.M. from our house and bring us to the heart of downtown. The limo itself was awesome, the feeling of being in a limo is something i’ve never felt before. I felt powerful, I felt in charge, and interestingly enough I felt almost better than everyone who wasn’t in a limo.

We would stay at each bar for about an hour, and our driver (who went by the name of Harris) would be waiting outside our bar at the end of each hour and we would pile in there like a bunch of celebrities. It was hilarious the way people looked at us because it was almost like they believed that we were actually famous! As you can imagine, as each hour went on and each bar we went to, we were getting intoxicated at an exponential rate. I think the fact that we KNEW we had a ride from each bar and a guaranteed safe ride home, it was causing all of us to drink a little bit more than usual.

As the night came down to an end, he picked us up outside the last bar at about 2:05 and we were all pretty drunk. One of our buddies was apparently a little too drunk, and ended up throwing up in the back of the limo. Since our driver couldn’t see us, we did everything we could to clean it up and hide the mess that we created because we didn’t want any extra charges to be added on our already pretty hefty tab. Personally, I thought we did a pretty good job, but apparently that wasn’t the case. When our driver finally arrived at our house, he did what any driver is required to do, and that is to open our door. Before he opened the door we told everyone to act super polite and basically act like nothing happened, but at this point it didn’t even matter. The second he opened up the door he was FURIOUS, because I guess the back of the limo smelled absolutely terrible (which is understandable because throw up smell is in fact pretty distinct). He told us that he’d give us a call tomorrow to discuss in further detail what the consequences may be.

As the next day came around I had a message on my cell phone from the limo company stating that we owed an addition $850 which is absolutely absurd! I think because they knew that we were college students they could take advantage of us, but we literally didn’t have that kind of money to pay, but what college kid would have that kind of money?