My great moving experience

Rochester Moving

Since 1990 people over the United States have trusted Rochester’s moving companies in Minnesota. Currently we are one of the top home moving companies in Minnesota and our great customer support helps rank us among the best in the nation. We’ll give you the care and consideration you’d expect when going through a difficult time like moving from one home to the next.

Make your next move go as smooth as possible with Movers Rochester MN. We understand moving firsthand and realize that this is a difficult time for you to go through. All of our agents are certified and have 50+ years of experience to make the move as smooth as possible.

Household moving can be a huge stress for lots of people and we understand that. There are lots of emotions involved and it’s an important stage in life so you should let Movers Rochester MN do the work and make it as smooth as possible. They bring all the equipment, boxes, and everything else you need to make the move as easy as can be.

Whether it’s a small move or a big move, they have the services for both. No job is too big or too small for us and we are happy to offer our services to help you in anyway possible. We make sure to listen to our customers and strategize on the perfect packing combination, leaving the important things in the back and putting the things you don’t need buried away.

If you choose to do all the packing yourself that’s fine, but we also offer packing services as well to help make it easy. We can adjust our packing services to fit your timeline and make sure that everything is ready to move out and move in when you need. We take care of storage, transportation and unloading all while sitting back and letting us do the work.

There are a ton of things to think about when moving, so let us help you plan your move to make sure you depart and arrive in a timely manner. We offer friendly advice and offer great services to help accompany your needs as a mover.

If you have electronics that need to be disassembled we can take care of that for you! They have a team of experts to help with any sort of wiring or taking apart of electronics. They also provide cleaning services and will happily clean for your move out or move in with certified maids and 100% customer satisfaction.

Following the unpacking, we take away all the empty boxes or any materials and recycle them/dispose of them appropriately so you can focus on settling in your new home. Movers Rochester MN was phenomenal with their services and I highly recommend them to anybody that’s going through a move.