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Fundación Cinemateca Argentina Collection

In 2010, the Harvard Film Archive received a donation of a large collection of Argentenian feature films from the Fundación Cinemateca Argentina. Over 300 titles are represented in this collection, most from the 1950s through the 1980s, the majority in Spanish. Elements include 16mm projection prints, negatives, and printing materials. The collection encompasses films from all corners of the canon, such as the romance Stella (1943) by Benito Perojo, Luis Bayón Herrera's musical Cándida (1939), the period crime drama Asesinato en el Senado de la Nacion (1984) by Juan José Jusid, and the cult classic La Mary (1974) by Daniel Tinayre.

This collection is not yet fully cataloged, but a selection of titles is available via HOLLIS.

For a complete inventory, please contact the HFA Collections Archivist.