Harvard Film Archive

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Harvard University
24 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

  • Director

    Haden Guest
    development and donations

  • Program Manager

    Alexandra Vasile
    cinema operations and admissions

  • Publicist

    Brittany Gravely
    membership, website, outreach, press inquiries

  • Collections Manager

    Mark Johnson
    institutional film loans and access to collections

  • Collections Archivist

    Amy Sloper
    preservation, acquisition and
    research access to collections

  • Lead Projectionist

    Greg Abrams
    motion picture projection and technology

  • Financial Associate

    Regina Mora
    accounts payable and receivable

  • Creative Arts Archivist

    Max Goldberg
    archival processing

  • Cinematheque Assistant

    Sidney Dritz
    box office, ticketing, lost and found

  • Reference Requests

    research questions, access to collections

The Harvard Film Archive’s film programs are planned far in advance and are the result of complex curation involving extensive research, organization and collaboration, reflecting various institutional and artistic objectives. Thus, we are unable to accept unsolicited program submissions or suggestions.