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Jessica Sarah Rinland

Those That, At a Distance... introduction and post-screening conversation with filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland, Narayan Khandekar and Haden Guest.

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Those That, at a Distance, Resemble Another

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Lee Jang-ho
The Man with Three Coffins (Nageune-neun Gir-eseodo Swiji Anneunda), with introduction and post-screening discussion with Haden Guest, Lee Jang-ho, professor David Chung, and translator Jennifer Yum.
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Giuliana Bruno
No Home Movie introduction with Haden Guest and Giuliana Bruno.
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Olaf Möller
The Eighth Day of the Week (Der achte Wochentag) introduction by Haden Guest and Olaf Möller.
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Flora Gomes
The Blue Eyes of Yonta introduction and post-screening discussion with Flora Gomes and HFA Director Haden Guest.