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Moon So-ri, the Lives of an Actress

The remarkably talented and versatile actress Moon So-ri (b. 1974) has been an important and lasting presence in the South Korean cinema since her arresting first screen performance in Lee Chang-dong’s influential Peppermint Candy. Over the last twenty years, Moon has starred in an impressively wide range of films, from popular thrillers and comedies to major works by auteur directors such as Park Chan-wook, Hong Sang-soo, Zhang Lu and Im Sang-soo. To her best and most personal roles, Moon brings a disarming down-to-earthness, probing intelligence and bright comic flair that transforms her characters into the gravitational center of the film, even in roles designed to be secondary and supporting. Recently the veteran actress boldly stepped behind the camera to explore the difficult, often elusive, art and work of acting in her debut feature The Running Actress, an insightful, self-depreciatory and fictionalized self-portrait starring Moon So-ri herself and featuring a cast of actors and non-actors, including her husband, filmmaker Jang Joon-hwan. – Haden Guest 

The Harvard Film Archive welcomes Moon So-ri with great excitement for a conversation about her exceptional career as an actress, and now director, accompanied by a series showcasing some of her most memorable performances.

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