A World Viewed: Celebrating Stanley Cavell's Life in Film: Part II

Free Admission

This event will celebrate the life of philosopher Stanley Cavell (1926-2018), his career-long devotion to the moving image, and his integral role in bringing film to Harvard. Through speakers’ presentations and a curated film series hosted by the Harvard Film Archive, “A World Viewed” will survey the work of this hugely influential thinker and highlight new directions in scholarship on Cavell and film, uncovering still-untapped resources in the philosopher’s thought for both moving image art and questions of the world as it is viewed today. Speakers will include William Rothman (University of Miami), D.N. Rodowick (University of Chicago), Jennifer Fay (Vanderbilt), Kyle Stevens (Visiting Faculty, MIT), and Catherine Wheatley (King’s College London). 

This is a full day of presentations and discussions. Visit the AFVS website for the detailed schedule. 

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A World Viewed. Celebrating Stanley Cavell’s Life in Film

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