Employee's Entrance

Directed by Roy del Ruth


Directed by Michael Curtiz
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  • Employee's Entrance

    Directed by Roy del Ruth.
    With Warren William, Loretta Young, Wallace Ford.
    US, 1933, 35mm, black & white, 75 min.
    Print source: Warner Bros.

Employee's Entrance offers a deeply cynical look into the cutthroat world of the skyscraper boardrooms floating above the miseries of the Depression era. The ever-dastardly Warren William stars as a self-made mogul who rules his department store with an iron fist and a ruthless drive, in sharp contrast to the calcified stasis embodied by his cautious board of directors. Cracking wise and gleefully driving his enemies to suicide, William remains a very modern and disturbingly seductive anti-hero. Loretta Young co-stars as one of the unemployed driven to desperate measures.

  • Female

    Directed by Michael Curtiz.
    With Ruth Chatterton, George Brent, Lois Wilson.
    US, 1933, 35mm, black & white, 60 min.
    Print source: Warner Bros.

Ruth Chatterton is Alison Drake, the owner of an automobile factory who, like a latter-day Catherine the Great, keeps a stable of studs chosen from among her comeliest male employees. But as soon as any of them show signs of wanting some romance along with their sex, Alison cuts them loose. She finally meets her match in the form of George Brent – Chatterton's real husband at the time – who drives her nuts by resisting her entirely. Sadly overlooked today, Chatterton was one of the greatest female stars of the pre-Code era.

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