Kafka Goes to the Movies

Directed by Hanns Zischler.
France/Germany, 2002, color, 54 min.
French with English subtitles.

While working on a television movie project about Franz Kafka, German actor Hanns Zischler discovered a series of passionate writings in Kafka's journals about his own moviegoing. Zischler, who also wrote a book of the same title, spent the next twenty-five years combing through archives and libraries to locate many of the now-extinct films cited by Kafka in his journals. The result is a witty conjecture on the Czech writer's fascination with film and Zischler's fascination with Kafka.


  • Franz Kafka

    Directed by Piotr Dumala.
    Poland, 1992, black & white, 15 min.

Using Kafka's diaries, letters, and novels, Polish animator Piotr Dumala provides a unique interpretation of the life of the famed writer. Using photos shot by Kafka himself, Dumala documents the writer's creative birth as well as his descent into isolation.

  • The Hunger Artist

    Directed by Tom Gibbons.
    US, 2002, color, 16 min.

The Hunger Artist is a performer whose art is determined by his refusal to eat. Animator Tom Gibbons uses stop-motion a effect to give eerie life to one of Kafka's most famed short stories.

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Kafka Goes to the Movies

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