Kenneth Anger's Magick Lantern Cycle, Part 3

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  • The Man We Want to Hang

    Directed by Kenneth Anger.
    US, 2002, 16mm, color, 12 min.

A fascinating tour through a London gallery show of paintings by Anger’s beloved Aleister Crowley.

  • Mouse Heaven

    Directed by Kenneth Anger.
    US, 2004, video, color, silent, 10 min.

Anger’s spirited celebration of Mickey Mouse reveals his consummate skills as an editor, able to musically interweave a staggering profusion of Mickeys, a panoply of shapes and sizes that suggest the multiple lives of a popular cultural icon who has truly taken on almost religious dimensions.

  • Ich Will!

    Directed by Kenneth Anger.
    US, 2008, video, color and b&w, 35 min.

Anger mined a trove of Nazi-era footage for this study of the Hitler Youth that uses home movies, propaganda and training films to create a bracing alternate look at militaristic indoctrination and ritualized spectacle.

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