(Miyamoto Kara Kimi E)

Tetsuya Mariko in Conversation with Alexander Zahlten
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Directed by Tetsuya Mariko.
With Sosuke Ikematsu, Yu Aoi, Arata Iura.
Japan, 2019, DCP, color, 130 min.
Japanese with English subtitles.
DCP source: Kadokawa Pictures

Mariko's latest film is a spirited and violent adaptation of Hideki Arai’s legendary 1990s manga chronicle of a frustrated stationery company salesman whose bad temper and sense of absolute justice lead him into an ever-escalating series of dark misadventures. Made first into a popular late-night television series, Arai’s heroic loser is given fiercely cinematic dimensions in Mariko’s long-awaited feature, featuring rising star Sosuke Ikematsu as a young man searching for love and redemption in the least likely places.

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