Moving Pictures: The Art of Jan Lenica

Directed by Richard P. Rogers

William Carlos Williams

Directed by Richard P. Rogers
  • Moving Pictures: The Art of Jan Lenica (Moving Pictures: The Art of Jan Lenica)

    Directed by Richard P. Rogers.
    US, 1975, 16mm, color, 20 min.
    Print source: HFA

While Jan Lenica was a visiting artist at Harvard’s Film Study Center, Richard Rogers wanted to make a portrait of the master graphic designer and animator in action. Rogers structures his film much like his subject might, in funny fits and starts, with slightly ominous, minimalist shots interrupted by artfully composed, off-kilter perspectives and an underlying mystery and irreverent humor. When a solemn Lenica admits to having “no working method” and trusting visual information over language, Rogers responds with a close examination of Lenica calmly engaged at the animation stand and, later, with an experimental cut-up audio track of Lenica’s terse aphorisms. After witnessing Lenica drawing, painting and shooting segments of his film Landscape in his Carpenter Center studio, Rogers brings that work to life so the audience can immediately witness the magical results of Lenica’s understated undertaking.

  • William Carlos Williams (William Carlos Williams)

    Directed by Richard P. Rogers.
    With Written and Produced by Jill Janows.
    US, 1988, digital video, color, 56 min.
    Copy source: HFA

In this installment for the PBS series Voices and Visions, Rogers worked with writer and producer Jill Janows to offer a touching portrait of the poet and doctor that seeks to understand the origins of Williams’ uniquely grounded poetry and its connection to his daily life and beloved New Jersey.

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