No Skin Off My Ass

Screening on Film
Directed by Bruce LaBruce.
With Bruce LaBruce, GB Jones,Klaus von Brücker.
Canada, 1991, 35mm, color, 73 min.
Print source: Strand Releasing

When an extremely effeminate hairdresser picks up a skinhead, the stage is set for a queer, punk remake of Robert Altman's That Cold Day in the Park with filmmaker Bruce LaBruce in the Sandy Dennis role. GB Jones steals the show as the skinhead's lesbian sister, who encourages the odd match in hopes of getting material for her fledgling filmmaking career. Likewise, the director cleverly plays the subcultures against each other – queer disrupting punk's machismo and punk giving queer an edge in the face of its more consumerist tendencies. Mixing wit with a canny use of voiceover and sexually explicit sequences, this slim-budgeted film pronounced LaBruce a filmmaker to watch.

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