Fanta Régina Nacro: Close-Up
Short Films

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  • Puknini

    Directed by Fanta Régina Nacro.
    Burkina Faso, 1995, 35mm, color, 30 min.
    Moore with English subtitles.

A beautiful, noble Senegalese woman arrives one day in Ouagadougou carrying with her remarkable seductive powers. Her irresistible charms seem to work on men like a drug––even Salif, a well-to-do dentist who lives a monotonous married life. Isa, his wife, decides to confront her rival. But the two women reach an immediate agreement, and Isa is soon initiated into the art of seducing men. – New York African Film Festival.

  • Konaté’s Gift

    Directed by Fanta Régina Nacro.
    Burkina Faso, 1998, 35mm, color, 27 min.
    Dioula with English subtitles.

Djénéba brings a pack of condoms back from the city. She presents them to her husband Konaté, but he will not hear of it; he thinks those 'things’ will affect his masculinity. Will the local boubou (spiritual healer) have the answer to Djénéba’s dilemma? – New York African Film Festival

  • A Close-Up on Bintou

    Directed by Fanta Régina Nacro.
    With Hyppolite Ouangrawa, Alima Salouka.
    Burkina Faso/France, 2001, digital video, color, 26 min.
    French with English subtitles.
    Copy source: Filmmaker

Nacro’s short film, featured in the omnibus film project, Mama Africa, centers on Bintou, a housewife who meets harsh resistance from her husband when she tries to earn money to send her daughter to school.  Nacro received honors for her achievement at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival.

  • Africa, Africas

    Directed by Fanta Régina Nacro, Agnes Ndibi and Maji-da Abdi.
    Cameroon/Ethiopia/Burkina Faso, 2001, digital video, color, 62 min.
    French, English and Tigri with English subtitles.
    Copy source: Women Make Movies

A rare collection from the emerging voices of African documentary filmmaking, this series daringly explores the social and cultural realities experienced in Africa today. Agnes Ndibi’s Fantacoca presents the disturbing cultural phenomenon of skin bleaching in Cameroon and the challenge it poses on notions of black pride and identity. The River Between Us by Maji-da Abdi documents the alarming effects of war on a community of Ethiopian women and children who were forcibly relocated into refugee camps. Nacro’s Laafi Bala demonstrates the glaring causes and debilitating effects of wide-spread unemployment and poverty in Burkina Faso, where few institutional resources and government support are available. – Women Make Movies

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Fanta Régina Nacro: Close-Up

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