Rodrigo D: No Future

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Directed by Victor Gaviria.
With Ramiro Meneses, Carlos Mario Restrepo, Jackson Idrian Gallego.
Colombia, 1990, 35mm, color, 93 min.
Spanish with English subtitles.

Music is a constant presence in Gaviria’s powerful first film as the source of almost the only happiness in the life of its impoverished and aimless title character, who dreams of playing the drums in a punk band but drifts instead into a life of violent crime. The “No Future” of the title is presumably a reference to the closing words of the Sex Pistol’s “God Save the Queen.” Rodrigo D marks the first collaboration between Gaviria and the now-celebrated cinematographer Rodrigo Lalinde, who has shot all three of the director’s features. Gaviria has described their collaboration on Rodrigo D as creating a “casual expressionism,” which, as the term implies, is itself a perfect example of the filmmaker’s ability to infuse realism with aesthetic qualities from other styles and genres.

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