Ernie Gehr’s Marvelous Cinema
Program Two

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  • Shift

    Directed by Ernie Gehr.
    US, 1972-74, 16mm, color, 9 min.

A playful and dazzling study of city traffic that transforms a city street into a type of crazy pinball machine.

  • Side/Walk/Shuttle

    Directed by Ernie Gehr.
    US, 1991, 16mm, color, 41 min.

One of Gehr's most absorbing and magical works, Side/Walk/Shuttle is a wonderful fairground ride of a film that transforms San Francisco into a mysterious cavern where skyscrapers grow like stalagmites in a stop-motion rhythm and city streets ribbon and bend. Filmed over several months from the glass elevator of a San Francisco hotel, Gehr's masterpiece explores an alternate, hitherto unseen vision of urban experience unmoored from habitual reality.

  • Glider

    Directed by Ernie Gehr.
    US, 2001, digital video, color, 37 min.

Glider is a wonderfully hypnotic work that seems to float in a waking dream above a curving topography of sea and shore. Shot entirely within a camera obscura, Gehr harnesses the panoptic and oneiric powers of the precinematic device to create a profoundly fascinating and sensuous work.

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