The Children's Republic

Directed by Flora Gomes.
With Danny Glover, Hedviges Mamudo, Melanie de Vales.
Portugal/France/Guinea-Bissau/Belgium/Germany, 2012, digital video, color, 78 min.
In English.
Copy source: Les Films de l'Après-Midi

In a post-war civilization run by children, director Flora Gomes explores concepts of symbolism and magical realism to tell the tale of a utopian society and its young inhabitants. The Children’s Republic sheds light on an era of national liberation and harmony, where only children—aside from Dubem the advisor, played by Danny Glover—are left to seek peace and redemption from the death and destruction of their nation’s lingering past. Gomes intertwines devastating moments of violence with dreamlike scenes of children playfully fulfilling the responsibilities of adults, to create a film that both examines and transcends imperial impacts and focuses on the rebuilding of a flourishing and peaceful future. Gomes’ latest work marks the first English-language film to come out of Guinea-Bissau, where he currently resides. – AV


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