The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema

Directed by Sophie Fiennes.
With Slavoj Zizek.
US, 2006, 35mm, color, 150 min.
Print source: Filmmaker

In Sophie Fiennes’ new documentary Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek asserts, “Cinema is the ultimate pervert art…It doesn't give you what you desire, it tells you how to desire.” At its core the film is nothing more than a recorded lecture, but Zizek invigorates his journey through film history with an often hilarious, tour-de-force performance of reflections on Chaplin, Hitchcock, Lynch and many others. Inserting Zizek into classic film scenes from The Birds, The Conversation and Solaris, Fiennes adds a vibrant new dimension to the already animated theorizations of this famed scholar.

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The Perverted Desires of Slavoj Zizek

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