They Won’t Forget

Screening on Film
Directed by Mervyn Le Roy.
With Claude Rains, Gloria Dickson, Edward Norris.
US, 1937, 35mm, black & white, 90 min.
Print source: Warner Bros.

Rossen delivered one of the angriest, most vociferous of the Thirties’ social problem films with his screenplay for They Won’t Forget, a bitter indictment of racial prejudice based on the infamous Leo Frank case in which a Jewish factory worker was framed by a dummy court and lynched by a vengeful mob in Georgia. Claude Rains adds extraordinary psychological nuance to his performance as a career-hungry District Attorney in the Deep South who fans the flames of injustice, essentially railroading a young teacher for murder despite his own personal and professional misgivings about the incendiary case. 

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