West Indies

Screening on Film
Directed by Med Hondo.
With Robert Liensol, Roland Bertin, Hélène Vincent.
France/Algeria/Mauritania, 1979, 35mm, color, 113 min.
French with English subtitles.
Print source: HFA


  • The Making of West Indies

    France/Algeria/Mauritania, 1979, digital video, color, 25 min.

Taken during the filming of West Indies, this film shows the making of the monumental set in the middle of the former Citroën factory, as well as backstage activity and rehearsals on the set.

The identification of certain people on the screen was made possible thanks to the help of François Catonné, Mariann Mathéus and Abdoul War. The authors of the images remain unknown to this day.

This digitization was made in 2023 from two 16mm silent work prints in mediocre condition at Ciné-Archives. The raw material was edited to about forty minutes, with some of the sound taken from the original magnetic tapes, not synchronized. Due to the degraded state of the tapes, a few passages remain silent.

The film features, in order of appearance, François Catonné, Med Hondo, Jean-Paul Meurisse, Anne Trigaux, Brigitte Hédou, Philippe Clévenot, Hélène Vincent, Roland Bertin, Jean-Paul Denizon, Robert Liensol, Franck Valmont, Kassimo Sterling, Gabriel Glissant, Jean Léon, Beb Guerin, Blanche Lollia, Josy Mass, Claude Danabé, Fatiha Rahou, Cyril Aventurin, Djiby Mbodj, Martine Uzan, Linda Dingwall and Jean-Pierre Jerko. – Annabelle Aventurin

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