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Martín Rejtman & Carlos Gutiérrez

Silvia Prieto introduction and post-screening discussion with Martín Rejtman, distributor Carlos Gutiérrez and HFA Director Haden Guest.

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The Practice (and Other Works) By Martín Rejtman

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Michael Almereyda
Paradise introduction and post-screening discussion with David Pendleton and Michael Almereyda.
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Philippe Grandrieux
It May Be that Beauty has Reinforced Our Resolve (Il se peut que la beauté ait renforcé notre resolution) with introduction and post-screeing discussion with Philippe Grandrieux, Go Hirasawa and Haden Guest.
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Joshua Oppenheimer
The Act of Killing with introduction and post screening discussion with David Pendleton, Joshua Oppenheimer and Robb Moss.
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David Pendleton
Wake (Subic) introduction by David Pendleton.