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Being Michael Snow

Through nearly a half century of art making, Michael Snow has found an astounding variety of forms through which to find personal expression. Whether seated at the piano, standing at the easel, working behind a camera, or engaged in fabricating sculptures, collages, or holograms, Snow has created a body of heterogeneous works that nevertheless reflect the rigor and humor of this very contemporary Renaissance man. The scope of his accomplishments were given visibility through a series of exhibitions, performances, screenings, and publications in the mid-1990s in his native Canada. Over the past few years, a similar set of events has taken place across Western Europe. In anticipation of the tardy arrival of such recognition in this country and to mark the release of his first feature-length film in nearly two decades, as well as the release of Teri Wehn-Damisch’s new documentary on the artist, we present this retrospective survey of some of Snow’s seminal cinema.

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