Breakfast (Table Top Dolly)

Directed by Michael Snow

*Corpus Callosum

Directed by Michael Snow
  • Breakfast (Table Top Dolly)

    Directed by Michael Snow.
    Canada, 1972–76, 16mm, color, silent, 15 min.

This is a simple yet uncanny work that focuses on a contemporary still life set into motion. The protracted production process has been wryly attributed by the artist to "sound and editing problems"—odd for a silent, single-image work.

  • *Corpus Callosum

    Directed by Michael Snow.
    Canada, 2002, digital video, color, 92 min.

Named for the portion of the human brain that transmits signals between the two hemispheres, Snow’s ambitious new digital feature operates in the manner of Wavelength, situating a wide range of ideas, theories, and observations within the portrait of a quotidian space. The dominant formal device is a peripatetic lateral tracking shot that converts the space of a contemporary office into a looping mobius-strip of desks and workstations—all of which becomes, in Snow’s words, "tableaux of transformation, a tragicomedy of cinematic variables." Connecting with some of the artist’s earliest work, *Corpus Callosum concludes with the resurrection of a charming piece of stick-figure animation, the very first moving-image work of this modern master.

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