a close-up of a few Chileans in a crowd, including a smiling woman with her child, all shoutingalr

The Battle of Chile, Part Three: The Power of the People
(La Batalla de Chile: El poder popular)

Recently Restored
Directed by Patricio Guzmán.
Chile/Cuba/France , 1978, DCP, black & white, 79 min.
Spanish with English subtitles.
DCP source: Icarus Films

Completed a couple of years after the first and second parts, The Power of the People offers an important coda to Guzmán’s epic documentary by turning away from the forces who opposed Allende and instead examining the loose coalition of workers and citizens who attempted to save Allende’s visionary politics. A stirring testimony to the grassroots power of Allende’s movement and its singular appeal to the working class, the third section offers a fleeting, poignant glimpse into the Socialist dream that was cruelly shattered by the Pinochet dictatorship.

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