Directed by Nihon University Film Club

Closed Vagina 

Directed by Nihon Universtity New Film Club
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  • Bowl (Wan)

    Directed by Nihon University Film Club.
    Japan, 1961, 16mm, black & white, 22 min.

Overripe with psychosexual poetry and stark, oneiric rituals, Adachi's filmmaking debut, made while he was still an undergraduate, counts among the more resonant accomplishments of the now famous Nihon University Film Club. Adachi's obvious fascination with the wide-eyed watchfulness of childhood and the uncanny is an expression of the important surrealist strand running throughout the post-WWII Japanese avant-garde.

  • Closed Vagina  (Sain)

    Directed by Nihon Universtity New Film Club.
    Japan, 1963, 35mm, black & white, 56 min.
    Japanese with English subtitles.

Adachi's follow-up to Bowl using the figure of a woman suffering from an unusual sexual aliment has often been taken as a controversial allegory for the political stalemate of the Leftist student movement after their impressive wave of massive fiery protests failed to defeat the neo-imperialist Japan-US Security Treaty. The ritualistic solemnity of the charged sexual scenes contribute to the oneiric qualities of Closed Vagina which Adachi would later insist was an open work, not meant to deliver any kind of deliberate political message.

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