Children's Animation Program

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Harvard Film Archive is pleased to present a series of award-winning animated shorts for the Arts First community. From Walt Disney’s early Steamboat Willie (1928) to last year’s puppet-and-clay animated film Snails, this program promises to delight both younger and older audiences with a lively survey of the animated film, organized by Harvard faculty member and Oscar-nominated animator Wendy Tilby.


  • The Cat Came Back

    Directed by Cordell Barker.
    Canada, 1988, color, 7 min.
  • Otto

    Directed by Jonas Odell and Stig Bergqvist.
    Sweden, 1997, color, 7 min.
  • The Hedgehog in the Mist

    Directed by Yuri Norstein.
    USSR, 1975, color, 11 min.
  • The Magic of Anansi

    Directed by Jamie Roy Mason.
    Canada, 2001, color, 6 min.
  • Steamboat Willie

    Directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.
    US, 1928, black & white, 8 min.
  • The Street

    Directed by Caroline Leaf.
    Canada, 1976, 16mm, color, 10 min.
    Print source: HFA
  • My Favorite Things That I Love

    Directed by Janet Perlman.
    US, 1994, 35mm, color, 4 min.
    Print source: HFA
  • Housemoving

    Directed by Derek Lamb.
    US, 1969, 16mm, black & white, silent, 8 min.
    Print source: HFA
  • Snails

    Directed by Pjotr Sapegin.
    Norway, 1999, color, 6 min.
  • At the Ends of the Earth (Au bout du monde)

    Directed by Konstantin Bronzit.
    France, 1999, color.

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