Corporate Accountability
(Responsabilidad Empresarial)

Directed by Jonathan Perel.
Argentina, 2020, DCP, color, 68 min.
Spanish with English subtitles.

Argentine filmmaker Jonathan Perel’s latest work is a systematic and forensic study of his country’s long, brutal dictatorship that carefully dissects the insidious support given to the repressive regime by a wide range of still operating national and multi-national companies. In accompaniment to a series of long-held shots, each taken in the early morning outside the gate of corporate buildings, Perel reads highlights of the report of corporate collaboration and abuse written by Argentina’s Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Through its rigorous structure and focus, Corporate Accountability delivers a hypnotically sustained and ultimately searing condemnation of the companies that callously profited from human suffering. A slow cinema essay that gives raw emotional depth to indelible fact, Corporate Accountability offers a sobering but only partial catalogue of the infinite ways capitalism, in Argentina and far beyond, abets and embraces human rights abuses. – HG

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