One Parallel Movie
(AKA 1 PM)

Directed by D.A. Pennebaker with Jean-Luc Godard and Richard Leacock.
US, 1972, digital video, color, 90 min.

One of the Dziga Vertov Group projects, Godard’s collaboration with filmmakers Richard Leacock and D.A. Pennebaker on the 1968 film 1 AM (One American Movie) fell apart when Godard became disillusioned with the project. After Godard's abrupt departure, Pennebaker and Leacock edited the resulting footage into One Parallel Movie. A reflexive piece that marks the unceremonious end of the decade, the film includes footage of Rip Torn, Tom Hayden, Eldridge Cleaver, The Jefferson Airplane and Godard himself.

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