Un Film comme les autres

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard.
France, 1968, digital video, color and b&w, 120 min.
French with English subtitles.

Pre-dating the formation of the Dziga-Vertov group, Un Film comme les autres is Godard’s final film as an individual director before beginning collaborative projects in 1969. The film’s two part structure, which documents a group of students and workers discussing the objectives of the May revolt and the events themselves, experiments with documentary form and the relationship between image and sound in an attempt to engage the viewer in active participation.  Godard has said that with the film, “I saw the job to be done, and that I had the possibility of doing this job only with the help of the masses. For me this was a major advancement. You can't do it as an individual. You can't do it alone, even if you are an advanced element of the good militant. Because being a good militant means being related, one way or another with the masses.”

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