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Directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky.
With Francis Blanche, Elina Labourdette, Véronique Nordey.
France, 1962, 35mm, black & white, 88 min.
French with English subtitles.
Print source: Cine Patrimone Concept

The most inventive comedians of the time (Francis Blanche, Pierre Dac) rub shoulders with the great actors of the cinéma d'auteur, both those already recognized —such as Elina Labourdette, unforgettable in Bresson's Les Dames du bois de Boulogne—and those still in the making, like Michael Lonsdale. This zany and cruel social comedy was the third feature—but the real starting point—of Jean-Pierre Mocky’s prolific career, and he remained a maverick of cinema throughout his life.


  • An Overcooked Steak (Un steack trop cuit)

    Directed by Luc Moullet.
    France, 1960, digital video, black & white, 19 min.
    French with English subtitles.
    Copy source: Films d'ici

The first short film by the once youngest writer of Cahiers du Cinéma (in 1956) is a burlesque household scene that plays with the different levels of language. Moullet, who would embody the comic dimension of the New Wave spirit in the most joyously radical way, appears disguised as Jean-Luc Godard who comes to... tear up a copy of Cahiers.


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