Tax Day

Director in Person
Screening on Film
Directed by Laura Colella.
With Kathleen Monteleone, Donna Sorbello, Rose Giuliano.
US, 1998, 16mm, color, 76 min.

It’s April 15th. Paula and Irene, like most Americans, are off to the post office to mail their taxes to the U.S. government. Unlike most Americans, however, they are easily diverted from their task by the the vicissitudes of life and end up spending the afternoon on a canoe ride through the canals of downtown Providence. As they attempt to make their way back to the post offce, they encounter a colorful array of odd characters and street performers. This languid, well-paced film is really a “road movie” on foot. Harvard graduate Laura Colella’s first feature isn’t about action—nothing much happens to Paula and Irene during the film—but we do discover a great deal about the unconventional lives and opinions of two forty-something women and the city they inhabit.

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