The Ebb-Tide
(Le reflux)

Directed by Paul Gégauff.
With Roger Vadim, Franco Fabrizi, Michel Subor.
France, 1965, digital video, color, 76 min.
French with English subtitles.

The only film directed by the screenwriter Paul Gégauff—a provocative and self-destructive right-wing anarchist and friend of Rohmer and Chabrol—is a loose adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's homonymous novel. Shot in Tahiti under chaotic conditions, this story of three men who hate each other sailing together gives a secondary role to Roger Vadim, and an important part to Michel Subor, Godard's Little Soldier, who will be seen again in Claire Denis' L'Intrus, which includes excerpts from this strange and, in more ways than one, cursed film. It has never been released.


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