The Wind is Driving Him Towards the Open Sea

Screening on Film
Directed by David Brooks.
With Stanley Cavell, Arthur Danto, Sidney Morgenbesser.
US, 1968, 16mm, color, 52 min.
Print source: Anthology Film Archives

In the beginning a philosopher tells of seeing his hero, DiMaggio, hit a home run. How did he know he hit a home run? He checked the newspapers. How did they know? The philosophers ask, ‘How can we prove that this is grass?’ How do we know anything? The Wind… is about those explorations one must make to find out about the world.

The object of any man’s exploration must ultimately be a woman, a kumari.

In the film a boy travels, while we search for a man, Chandler Moore. He is never found, but we see the world he has made for himself. When one does not find a kumari one often finds a kumiss.

A film in numerous realities including those of image, news, myth, philosophy, documentary,

mythopoeia. – David Brooks


  • Redcap or Peanut Butter on My Roof

    Directed by David Brooks and Ira Schneider.
    US, 1985, 16mm, color, 14 min.
    Print source: Anthology Film Archives

A mutual venture of a most inordinate sort. Vaguely a mistake, but fun at that. – David Brooks and Ira Schneider

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