Double Indemnity

Screening on Film
Directed by Billy Wilder .
With Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson .
US, 1944, 35mm, black & white, 106 min.
Print source: Universal

Indisputably one of the greatest American film noirs, Billy Wilder's brilliant adaptation of James M. Cain's hard-boiled masterpiece immortalized Barbara Stanwyck as a platinum blond menace, a malignant variant of her Lady Eve, set out to destroy Fred MacMurray's arrogant Everyman. Co-written with Raymond Chandler (who makes a rarely noted cameo in the insurance office), Double Indemnity’s dazzling screenplay sparks with sexual innuendo and revels in the dark beauty of Los Angeles, wonderfully captured by the Wilder's bold use of non-studio locations. 

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