Dragnet Girl
(Hijosen no Onna)

Live Musical Accompaniment
Screening on Film
Directed by Yasujiro Ozo.
With Kinuyo Tanaka, Joji Oka, Kinuyo Tanaka.
Japan, 1933, 35mm, black & white, silent, 100 min.

Irresistibly titled, Dragnet Girl casts Kinuyo Tanaka against type as a Dietrich-style vamp whose days are spent as a typist and whose nights are dedicated to the underworld. She stops at nothing to keep her man, a one-time boxing champ and now two-bit criminal ringleader, and she resorts to desperate measures when a young innocent attracts his eye. Influenced by American gangster films and by the baroque visual style of Josef von Sternberg, Dragnet Girl, with its chiaroscuro, refracted images, chockablock compositions, and sweeping camera movement, is a densely stylized and engrossing work.

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