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Directed by Roberto Rossellini.
With Maria Michi, Gar Moore, Dale Edmonds.
Italy, 1946, 35mm, black & white, 115 min.
English and Italian with English subtitles.

Rossellini’s follow-up to Rome, Open City is a compendium of six episodes that focus on a series of cross-cultural encounters during the Battle of Italy. Among the most poignant sequences are a story set on the coast of Sicily as an American G.I. and a local girl attempt to elude a group of German soldiers and a vignette in which a black G.I. in Naples tries to recover his stolen boots, only to be shocked by the miserable conditions in which the young thief and his compatriots live.


  • My Dad is 100 Years Old

    Directed by Guy Maddin.
    With Isabella Rossellini.
    Canada, 2005, 35mm, black & white, 16 min.
    Print source: Zeitgeist Films

Produced as part of the centennial celebration of the birth of her father Roberto, Isabella Rossellini offers a loving and humorous tribute to one of the masters of Italian neorealism. 

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