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Alex de la Iglesia: Films and Inspirations

Although hugely successful in his native Spain, Alex de la Iglesia remains largely unknown to American fans of both commercial genre films and traditional art cinema. This is somewhat surprising given his skill at bridging the divide between these two camps in films that are both accessible and astutely informed by film history. A former student of philosophy, de la Iglesia has established a rabid cult following with his pulpy re-evaluations of such tried and true genres as the horror film (Day of the Beast), the spaghetti western (800 Bullets) and the psychological thriller (Ferpect Crime). This series pairs six of de la Iglesia’s most notable works with films that inspired him, including works by Martin Scorsese, Samuel Fuller and Roger Corman. Perhaps most interesting among these titles (selected by de la Iglesia himself) are three works by another overlooked master of Spanish cinema, Luis García Berlanga. Both directors share a devilish penchant for scathing satires of modern society.  

This program is presented in collaboration with the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures who will present a conference, Madrid and Modernity from May 3 – 6. Alex de la Iglesia is scheduled to appear in person at the conference and film series.