I Am A Sex Addict

Directed by Caveh Zahedi.
With Caveh Zahedi, Rebecca Lord, Emily Morse.
US, 2005, digital video, color, 98 min.

One of the most controversial releases of the past year, Caveh Zahedi’s autobiographical film is a brutally frank examination of one man’s obsession with sex and its effects. Zahedi addresses the camera directly, explaining how his addiction to sex, and his obsessive honesty about it, has ruined his past relationships. Re-enactments and home movie footage complete the picture of a man on a quest for self-discovery at any cost. Funny and disarming, Zahedi revels in the inherent artifice of film, calling attention to the actors and fake sets, even while laying himself bare before the camera. The result is a genre-busting film about the nature of truth, reality and, oh yeah, sex.

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