Directed by Jim Finn.
With Dean DeMatteis, Jim Finn, Nandini Khaund.
US, 2006, digital video, color, 71 min.

A completely fictitious, utterly hilarious telling of East Germany’s attempt to colonize the moons of Jupiter and Saturn in the 1970s, Jim Finn’s paean to Communism, space travel, and guinea pigs comes replete with carefully faked archival footage, under-choreographed dance routines in the “retro-socialist style,” and deadpan voiceovers espousing the party line. Nestled in between field hockey musical numbers and training montages is the romance between cosmonauts Seagull and Falcon, who send each other intergalactic love letters. Finn creates such a fully-realized, serious-seeming world, Interkosmos could almost be mistaken for found footage, were it not for the guinea pigs.

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