Quietly On By

Director in Person June 25
Directed by Frank V. Ross.
With Anthony J. Baker, Denise Blank, Debi Hulka.
US, 2005, digital video, color, 87 min.

Filmed on digital video on a shoestring budget (a legend-making $755, according to reports), Frank V. Ross’s third feature explores the alienation and loneliness of twenty-somethings still living in their childhood homes. Aaron spends his days hanging around his mother’s suburban house, killing time with his equally self-absorbed friends and becoming increasingly obsessed with Sara, the uninterested object of his desire. With its naturalistic tone and overlapping dialogue, the film has earned comparisons to work by Cassavetes and Altman, but in taking on the confusion and isolation of his generation, Ross has much in common with his fellow New Independents Andrew Bujalski and Joe Swanberg. 

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