Khutsiev. Action Starts!
(Khutsiev. Moto idjot!)

Directed by Peter Shepotinnik .
Russia, 2015, digital video, color and b&w, 84 min.
Russian with English subtitles.

In October 2015, Marlen Khutsiev turned ninety. With no intention of retiring, he has been working on Not Yet Evening—about the relationship between Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov—on and off for over ten years due to lack of funding. Allowing the documentary crew exclusive access to his shooting process over this extended period, Khutsiev also candidly reflects on his filmmaking and the nature of creative work with Peter Shepotinnik, film critic, Kulturträger, longtime programmer for the Moscow International Film Festival and author of the TV show Kinescope. As an accomplished documentarian, Shepotinnik enjoys a close relationship with Khutsiev, whose sets are otherwise inaccessible.

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