Life and Other Anxieties

Ed Pincus and Steve Ascher in conversation with Scott MacDonald
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Directed by Ed Pincus and Steve Ascher.
USA, 1977, 16mm, color, 90 min.

In 1975, I was invited to “make any film I wanted as long as it was shot in Minneapolis."  David Hancock, a filmmaker friend in Vermont, who coincidentally grew up in Minneapolis, had just asked me to film him. He had been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer in his early thirties and wanted me to document the craziness of his dying days, as he was buffeted from chemotherapy to New Age cures recommended by friends. I didn’t have the stomach to follow much of David’s last days. Meanwhile, Steve Ascher and I teamed up to go to Minneapolis. We wanted to ask strangers what in their lives they would like to have filmed. For me, it was almost like an act of expiation. – EP

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Ed Pincus,
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