A Few Days with Me
(Quelques jours avec moi)

Screening on Film
Directed by Claude Sautet.
With Daniel Auteuil, Sandrine Bonnaire, Danielle Darrieux.
France, 1988, 35mm, color, 131 min.
French with English subtitles.

After having a nervous breakdown which caused him to stop speaking, an heir to a family-run chain of supermarkets (Auteuil) emerges from a stay at a psychiatric hospital. His mother (Darrieux) sends him to inspect one of the stores in the town of Limoges where he meets a young woman (Bonnaire) with whom he begins a brief yet idyllic affair. A series of complications develop involving, among others, the woman’s boyfriend, who proves to be a comrade rather than a rival for the young woman’s affections. As in his later film, Un Coeur en Hiver, Sautet delicately handles the intricacies of this cinematic love triangle and offers a pointed critique of bourgeois culture.

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