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Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer.
With Henrik Malberg, Preben Lerdorff-Rye, Cay Kristiansen.
Denmark, 1955, 35mm, black & white, 126 min.
Danish with English subtitles.

In a remote West Jutland farming community, a severe father of three sons refuses to let one of them, Anders, marry the daughter of a man with whom he has religious differences. When Inge, his daughter-in-law, dies in childbirth, Johannes, the visionary son, prays for her resurrection. Based on a famous play by Kai Munk and winner of Best Film at the 1955 Venice Film Festival, Dreyer’s penultimate work is an extraordinary expression of spiritual optimism. Dreyer achieves the powerful effects by deceptively simple means. Using only 114 shots, he makes the film into an enriching experience.

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