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Cinema A–Z: Treasures from the Harvard Film Archive

The Harvard Film Archive once again pays homage to the arthouse programs of a bygone era by assembling a summer season of double-feature screenings drawn from its extensive collection. This year, we take a largely thematic approach to our alphabetical arrangement, making our selections on the basis of such rubrics as E is for Exploitation!, featuring Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and Possession; W is for Women’s Pictures, pairing George Cukor’s The Women with Pedro Almodóvar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown; and Z is for Zombies, resurrecting Night of the Living Dead and I Walked with a Zombie. These thematic offerings are supplemented by the occasional selection of a program based on a particular author (P is for Polanski) or actor (S is for Simply Sellers). As usual, we have included celebrated art films (Zero for Conduct and Jour de fête), masterpieces of silent cinema (The Crowd and The Last Laugh), and more recent international hits (Camila and Betty Blue).

Cinema A to Z: Treasures from the Harvard Film Archive is supported in part by the Harvard Extension School and the Summer School, whose students are offered the special admission fee of $3 per double feature. For all others, a single regular admission fee provides entrance to both features on a given night.