Un Coeur en hiver

Screening on Film
Directed by Claude Sautet.
France, 1991, 35mm, color, 104 min.
Print source: HFA

L is for Love Triangles

The bond between two old friends—Stephane, a violin craftsman (Auteuil), and Maxime, his boss (Dussollier)—is tested by the arrival of Camille, a young concert violinist (Béart). Maxime falls madly in love with Camille and decides to leave his wife for her. Meanwhile, Camille develops strong feelings for Stephane, who appears to be unable to return her affections. While the scenario for unfulfilled love may be familiar to moviegoers, Sautet handles it masterfully by encouraging understated performances from his three leads. Like the Ravel pieces over which Camille obsesses, the film becomes a series of musical exchanges, whether as duets or trios, through which complex shadings of character are revealed.

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