Raining Stones

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Directed by Ken Loach.
With Bruce Jones, Julie Brown, Ricky Tomlinson.
UK, 1993, 35mm, color, 90 min.
Print source: HFA

U is for UK Underdogs

Ken Loach reinvigorates the tradition of the great neorealist directors to create this moving, humanist tale of an unemployed Brit who goes to great lengths to procure a dress for his daughter’s first communion. When the protagonist is unable to raise enough money from a series of humorous odd jobs, he declines the assistance of his priest and resorts to the services of the vicious town loan shark, putting what little he has in grave danger. With the emergence of the New British Cinema in the late 1980s, Loach emerged as one of the movement’s most politically committed filmmakers. This is one of his least didactic works and remains a warm tribute to the indomitable spirit of the working-class hero.

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